Argyle Area Food Shelf

The Argyle Area Food Shelf provides assistance to Argyle and Stephen residents.  Call (218) 437-6438

Land of the Dancing Sky Area Agency on Aging

The Land of the Dancing Sky is one of Minnesota’s seven Area Agencies on Aging. and a  focal point for helping individuals live well as they age in their communities. Argyle HOPE and other Living at Home programs work with the Area Agency on Aging to deliver services.

Live Well At Home 

Live Well at HomeSM is Minnesota's resource to help seniors plan to live well longer in their own homes.

Let your goal for community living move you into action. Learn about the risks that could cause you to move from home, and what you can do -today. 

Know your plan and find your way to lifelong community living using these 4  easy steps. These 4 steps will show you how to focus your time, effort, and money on the things that matter most to you.

Our program is a  Live Well at HomeSM provider  - trained in aging issues and the 4-step Live Well At Home process, and offering a wide range of services and supports for managing risk factors.

Living At Home / Block Nurse Program (LAH/BNP)         

LAH/BNP is a network of organizations serving seniors that provides the training and support to ensure the organizations have what they need to do their job.   Argyle HOPE Program is a member of this network and receives training, grant writing support, and other types of assistance that keeps us on track.

Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides a number of services to seniors including Caregiver Support, Food & Fellowship, Home Help, Managing Finances, Legal & Advocacy Services, and Volunteer and Employment Opportunities for Seniors. 

Minnesota's Senior LinkAge Line®

The Senior LinkAge Line® is the Minnesota Board on Aging's free statewide information and assistance phone service. The Senior LinkAge Line® service is provided by six Area Agencies on Aging that cover all 87 counties of Minnesota and helps connect you to local services.  Use the following number to learn more about their service.



RSVP: Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

RSVP connects volunteers age 55 and over with service opportunities in their communities that match their skills and availability. From building houses tutoring children, from enhancing the capacity of non-profit organizations to improving and protecting the environment, RSVP volunteers put their unique talents to work to make a difference.

For 40 years, RSVP has matched problems to be solved with people willing to help. Today, more than 500,000 seniors participate in RSVP, making it one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation. You can be a part of this family of caring volunteers that is solving problems and bringing our communities together.

Senior Linkage Line


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